• Fall of the Amador Cartel: Mile High Excerpt


    “I learned that even if there had been a raging blizzard outside this afternoon, it wouldn’t have stopped me from seeing you again.”

    She leans a little closer, a wry tilt to her lips. “Is that so?”

    I swallow and suppress a primal urge to push her back, rip her clothes off, and mount her.

    Instead I just murmur, “As true as the night is long, sweetness” as I brush my lips over hers.

    A soft sigh escapes her throat a moment before I take her mouth. I squeeze her hips while I slide my tongue against hers, tasting the whiskey flavor left behind.

    She leans in, slipping her hands down over my chest, exploring slowly with a gentle, silken touch that stokes the heat building low inside me. Tilting up on her knees she pushes against my shoulders, giving me no choice but to lean back onto the throw pillows at the end of the sofa.

    I swallow hard as I stare up at her, bewildered by her radiant beauty, at how fucking lucky I am to have found her again.

    “What do you like?” she asks, her voice a husky purr. She slips her hand lower, pushing the fleecy folds of the blanket away to reveal my aching cock, hard and desperate for her attention.

    I struggle for coherence, but manage to answer in as reasoned a tone as I can muster. “I like the way you taste. I like the way your tongue feels in my mouth.” But when her gaze drops to my cock, I add, “I think it’d feel nice other places, too.”

    She leans in close again and teases her tongue over my lips. I have no idea what she has planned, but I’m not sitting idle. I slip my hands beneath her sweater, then the snug tank top underneath that, caressing her soft belly as I push up to find her breasts. Her nipples are already hard when I begin toying with them.

    Her moan vibrates into my mouth, but she pulls away and I drop my hands back to my sides, then just stare up at her and wait.

    She looks down at me with cheeks flushed and eyes bright, scanning my naked body from shoulders to hips as if trying to decide which morsel she wants to feast on first. It’s the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen, that blatant hunger in her eyes, knowing I’m the thing she wants to devour.

    My cock and balls ache, all memory of the cold forgotten, but I’m determined to let her take me however she wishes.

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