• Fall of the Amador Cartel: Marked Man Excerpt

    “Here, let’s get you relaxed. Drink a little.” He reaches for my cocktail and aims the straw at my mouth. I take a long swallow, then another, until the glass is dry and I have brain freeze, but once that fades a warm buzz seeps through my body. Then he begins massaging my back for real and he’s so fucking good at this I have no choice but to relax. 

    I don’t miss the moment when he releases the tie at my neck. The surrender to being slowly divested of what little clothing I have makes my insides warm, the heat sinking low and pooling between my thighs. When he shifts down my thighs, he grabs the sides of my bikini bottoms and tugs them down. They cling between my legs and when they come free, he lets out a low growl.

    “See, I thought you were enjoying this more than you let on,” he says, moving back up to hover above me, mouth at my ear. He remains over me, sliding a hand down my back to cup one ass cheek and lightly coast his thumb down between my wet folds. His touch is electrifying and I moan, try to spread my legs but find he has me trapped.

    “How is this a lesson?” I complain.

    “Giving in and enjoying being a toy takes discipline. You like to take control, so now I’m forcing you to give it up. Lie still.”

    “Is Jake still watching?” I whisper.

    “Yep. Should I ask him to join us?”

    “Not yet. Not until you run out of steam.”

    “I can go a while. You have more than one hole to fill you know.”

    That forces me to stop and imagine all the possibilities I hadn’t considered. Don’t get me wrong, I have a filthy mind, but until recently the idea of what to do with a dick didn’t take up much real estate beyond fucking one.

    “I don’t see how that’s going to matter if Amador only has one dick to fill me with.”

    “What if he invites me to join you? Are you going to be able to suck one of us while the other fucks you? Focus matters. You know this as well as anyone.”

    He keeps rubbing his thumb up and down my crease as he talks, making it more and more difficult to do exactly that. Then he finds my clit with his fingers and I lose the entire thread of conversation.

    “Fuck. What do you want me to do?”

    He doesn’t answer but the approach of booted footsteps tells me I’m getting my lesson whether I like it or not. Jake’s cargo-pants come into view and I crane my head to look up at him. The front of his pants bulge with his erection. Man, that must be uncomfortable, but he doesn’t seem to care as he crouches down to look into my eyes. 

    “You ready for this, Rocket?”

    “Ready for what?” I challenge, giving him a defiant look even as Marco pushes his thumb into my pussy and teases my G-spot until I gasp. Somehow with my legs clamped tight together, sensations are magnified. 

    Jake’s gaze shifts down and he licks his lips. It takes him a second to re-focus on my face. “You’re about to get your first lesson on how to suck my dick.”

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