• Fall of the Amador Cartel: Marked Man Excerpt 2

    Lying here naked beside him now is a sensory overload—even more than our wild fuck session in the shower earlier. Because now I have the clarity of mind to focus on the sheer size of him, on how his hand completely engulfs my pelvis, how deftly he delves between my thighs, how he homes in on my clit like his finger’s a heat-seeking missile.

    I gasp and lift my leg, hooking my ankle behind his knee when he starts to stroke. His lips brush the edge of my ear. “You’re already wet. Were you dreaming about me, Rocket?”

    “Didn’t need to dream,” I murmur, tilting my hips into his touch. This entire experience is new to me. Surrendering is new. Trusting someone enough to surrender is new. And it feels damn good to just let go.

    He shifts and the next thing I know, I’m flat on my back and he’s moved down between my legs. He grips the backs of my knees and pushes them up, forcing me to spread wider for him. When he tongues my clit, I’m expecting some inept attempt at cunnilingus, but that isn’t what I get. His tongue is even more adept at teasing me than his fingers were, and he licks and sucks, adjusting on the fly whenever I make a noise of enjoyment. 

    Eventually he just covers my pussy with his mouth and goes to town, flicking his tongue over my clit with abandon until I can’t think straight. I grab hold of his head and hold on while he takes me for the ride of my life. But it suddenly isn’t enough. I’m at the very edge of losing it but I need more. I want to know it’s him even with my eyes closed. 

    “Want you inside me, Marco. Now… please.”

    He doesn’t waste a second, surging up and hauling my hips off the bed then positioning his cock at my opening. I wrap my legs around him when he moves over me and thrusts in, meeting him with a gasp and a moan. He stares down at me with wild hunger in his gray eyes, grunting quietly with each hard thrust.

    “How come no one told me it could feel this good?” 

    His gaze softens and his lashes lower a little as he smiles, then dips his head to kiss me. 

    “Sweetheart, it’s never felt this good.”

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