Reading Order

Recommended Reading Order

This is the ideal reading order for all of Ophelia Bell’s books.

Dragon Series

(Scroll down for a detailed graphic of the Sleeping Dragons universe)

Black Mountain Bears

  1. Stonetree Trilogy (Omnibus)
  2. Clawed (MMF)
  3. Bitten (MMF)
  4. Nailed (RH)
  5. Solstice (not for sale, only available in the Stonetree Trilogy)

The “Black Mountain Bears” series is a spinoff of Sleeping Dragons, with bear shifters that takes place in the same world as the dragons. It can be read at any time, but the events take place concurrent to the “Sleeping Dragons” series. There will be more crossover between the bears and the dragons in the coming “Immortal Dragons” series. If you’re wondering what happens after “Solstice” pick up “Dragon Splendor” to read Nicholas Stonetree’s story.

Fate’s Fools Series (Reverse Harem)

Fate’s Fools is a five-book spinoff of the “Sleeping Dragons” series. It can be read on its own, but the events occur chronologically after the end of the “Immortal Dragons” series, with a lead-in occurring in Dragon Avenged, events of which are also included in the prequel: Deva’s Song.

  1. Fate’s Fools
  2. Fool’s Folly
  3. Fool’s Paradise
  4. Fool’s Errand
  5. Nobody’s Fool
  6. Eye of the Hurricane (Standalone)
  7. Fool’s Bargain
  8. April’s Fools
  9. Thieves of Fate