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Upcoming ARC
“Marked Man”
November 2021

If you’re interested in becoming an ARC reviewer for Ophelia Bell’s books, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Subscribe to the Ophelia Bell mailing list using the form below. Being on the list is a requirement to receive ARCs.
  2. Create a Booksprout account in order to receive ARCs of Ophelia’s books.
  3. Complete the ARC application. Take particular care with sharing the correct link to your review.
  4. Optional: Join the exclusive Facebook group for Ophelia Bell’s Dragon Beasties. Read the guidelines and make sure you understand them.
  5. And always feel free to email Ophelia if you have a question.

*By joining the ARC team and leaving advance reviews, you also agree to allow Ophelia to pull quotes from your reviews for promotional purposes.

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