• Fool’s Folly Excerpt

    “Deva,” he rumbled from above me. “Gaia fucking save me.” His hand went to my head and he tilted into my mouth as I slipped my lips over his length and took him deep. His fingers barely touched my hair at first, but when I reached my limit with his cockhead pressed at the back of my throat, he cursed and coiled my hair around his hand and held me tight against him.

    I peered up his body, eyes wide and tearing up from the difficulty to breathe. I blinked at him and flexed my tongue as though trying to swallow. The reflex only made him groan again. “You’re driving me crazy,” he growled.

    I couldn’t really smile to express my pleasure at that statement, but my eyes must have given something away because he laughed and relaxed his hold on me, allowing me to slip back along his length, sucking the entire way. Halfway back to his tip, I recalled the delicious torture Rohan had inflicted on me with his dragon tongue, and with the minutest effort transformed my own into the agile twin-tipped appendage. I tickled the underside of Keagan’s length with it until I reached his tip again, enjoying the rough groan of pleasure he let out and the way his fingertips tightened on the back of my neck. Holding him with one hand, I teased my tongue tips around the head of his cock, looking up at him the entire time.

    “Keep fucking teasing me like that and you’ll get your wish, princess. I’ll nail you against the fucking wall right now.”

    I gave him the smallest shake of my head and stroked my tongue along the underside of his cock once more, swallowing the warm water from the shower that cascaded off his skin. “I want to taste you. Rohan said you taste like life. Show me.”

    “Give me more of that tongue and you’ll have more than enough of a taste.”

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