• Fool’s Bargain Excerpt

    She was a girl after my own heart, taking her pleasure from one satyr while giving to another. Dorian’s glistening cock slipped from between her lips and her hips ceased their undulations over Kyril’s face as she turned to me in surprise.

    “Theo, who is she?” I whispered to my teacher who had appeared at the concert mere moments after my own arrival. He’d looked surprised at first, then shocked when I explained that not only had Neph sent me after them, but that I was answering a call from Fate via Deva’s music. Now we were here and the woman from my vision was right before me in the flesh, every bit as naked as I remembered. Every detail of her elaborate markings were true to what I’d seen.

    “Her name is Zarya. She is amazing, isn’t she?”

    My heartbeat thudded hard. This woman looked like a nymph. All that was missing were the swirling irises and she’d be indistinguishable from any of my sisters. Except she wasn’t one. She was even better because she was mine. I was so sure she was the one, it didn’t quite register that my teachers had found her first. I’d answered a call from Deva Rainsong and the route to the end of such a call was never a straight path, or so I’d been told.

    Steam rose up from the pool beside us, but the air was still cooler than I preferred and I was grateful for Neph’s instructions to pack for colder weather. But my leathers suddenly felt too constricting considering how very naked those three were, yet I didn’t want to insinuate myself into the fun without an invitation.

    I strolled over, pausing right beside them and holding my breath, hoping that I didn’t have to explain to her what my presence really meant. Had she heard a call too? It was supposed to work both ways.

    She gazed up at me, our eyes locking for a beat that seemed to last an eternity. After a second her lips parted with a little gasp as recognition seemed to hit. Something akin to elation shot through me with that look, though I had no idea why. I’d just arrived while she already looked thoroughly pleasured with Dorian’s flagging cock barely inches from her mouth and his fingers still tangled in her hair.

    “Ione,” Dorian said in a breathless rasp. “What the hell are you doing here?”

    “Hoping to have my turn, if you’re almost finished.” I lifted one eyebrow, gaze tracking from Zarya’s face to Dorian’s naked body. How strange that not more than a few hours ago I’d fucked myself while thinking of him pleasuring her. My vision had been detailed but this was even better than the fantasy. A smile tugged at my lips as I let my gaze fall down between her legs where Kyril stared up at me, his tongue still teasing aftershocks from her pussy. She was too breathless to speak, her confusion both arousing and endearing.

    I smirked as I squatted down in front of her, lifting my hand to cup her chin, and swiped my thumb across her lower lip. When I pulled it back, the pad of my thumb glistened with moisture. “Never let a drop of this man’s essence go to waste, my love. He is too delicious.” Then I slid my thumb into my mouth, sucking it clean of Dorian’s sweet flavor.

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