• Fate’s Fools Excerpt

    Excerpt #1

    The dragon had us both caged in and the second Keagan’s cock grazed my low back, Rohan responded. His lips curled back from his teeth and his pupils constricted, a small gout of flame blasting from his nostrils.

    “Chill dude, she’s yours,” Keagan said. “Or are you pissed because I’m hiding this from you?”

    Keagan shoved his jeans farther down until I felt nothing but hot skin beneath my ass. Then he gripped me behind my thigh and hoisted me a little higher until my hips were just above his pelvis. He released his cock and it slipped between my legs, the thick, half-hard length coming to rest along the top of my thigh, mere inches from my core.

    Rohan’s pupils sprang wide again and he rumbled, dipping his snout once more. This time his twin tongue-tips tickled along my thigh and I looked down to see him slowly licking up the entire length of Keagan’s cock. Keagan groaned and pushed his hips against my ass.

    “Are you close?” I gasped, hoping this would be enough and I’d be able to channel the magic to Rohan to help him shift.

    “Not even,” Keagan said. “But neither are you. He’s going to need a lot more than one orgasm from me, so hold tight. You ever been serviced by an ursa male before, princess? You said your mom’s the Summer Shaman, so you must know what we can do.”

    I swallowed, aroused to distraction by Rohan’s teasing licks, even though he was focused on Keagan’s cock. His tongue occasionally drifted close to my core, tickling my outer folds, but Keagan slipped his hand between my thighs and teased gently, stroking my slick flesh and lightly tapping my clit.

    I’d only heard second-hand what male ursa were capable of when requested to service a female through her estrous. The males of the race of earth shifters typically formed a bond with another male and the pair would service an unmated female through the ordeal of her fertile period. Intercourse wasn’t allowed due to how potently fertile a female tended to be, and an unmated female getting pregnant could be catastrophic. She was so filled with magic during that time, it required at least two males to help her safely channel the magic back to Gaia.

    This was where the bonded bachelor pairs came in. Since they weren’t allowed to fuck the females, they were known to be some of the most creative lovers. They would perform this … service … until one of the females chose the pair as her mates.

    I was only part ursa, and had yet to hit estrous – if I ever would; I had no idea which part of my makeup would govern my fertility. All I knew was that right now, my core ached for more than just the casual, accidental flicks of Rohan’s tongue and Keagan’s tormenting fingertips.

    “Please show me,” I begged, twisting my hips in an effort to gain more contact with either of them.

    The arm that was clamped across my chest like a vise loosened, and Keagan dragged his other hand across my breasts in a coarse caress. Then he cupped one in his hand, simply holding it. With his other hand he cupped my sex, covering me completely with his palm.

    “You need my Nirvana the way a dragon does, does that mean you have the endurance of a dragon? How long can you last without coming, Deva?” He pressed the heel of his hand against my clit, making me gasp. At the same time, he pushed two fingers into me and I groaned at the relief that simple penetration gave me.

    His lips grazed my ear and he chuckled low and rough. “That’s what I thought. You could probably take Rohan’s giant dragon dick as wet as you are, couldn’t you? I’d love to see him filling you up, fucking you so slowly you beg for him.”

    My eyelids fluttered in ecstasy as he pumped his fingers into me at the same time as rubbing his palm against my clit. I hadn’t felt this amazing in weeks, but I snapped myself back into focus with an effort of will, because just like last time, this wasn’t about me.

    I hazarded a glance past the dragon’s big head and down his belly. My stomach somersaulted at the sight of the enormous erection that bobbed between Rohan’s thighs, long and thick and curved,  with glistening fluid gathered at his tip. Despite the terrifying size, my core clenched around Keagan’s fingers at the idea of taking something that big into me.

    He pinched my nipple and laughed. “Are you a dirty dragon whore, Deva? You are, aren’t you?”

    The word whore snapped me out of my lust-drunk reverie and I stiffened. “Don’t fucking call me that. I was a virgin until three weeks ago.”

    Keagan’s movements stilled and he drew his hand away from my core to rest it on my belly. With a contrite huff he said, “I’m sorry. Dirty talk usually works best when it’s filthy as fuck. Um … let me try again.”

    His chest rose and fell beneath me as he took a breath and nuzzled my ear. The cloud of his aura that surrounded me flared with a greenish glow betraying his uncertainty tangled with an overwhelming need to please. “I can see why he’s so into you. Your sweet pussy wrapped around my fingers felt like heaven. Gaia’s tears I wish I could fuck you.”

    I bit my lip, a fresh surge of warmth flooding my core at the utter sincerity that tinged his words. That was so much better than his attempt at dirty talk.

    “Have you ever fucked a female before?” I asked tentatively.

    “No. Just other ursa males, then Rohan. Mostly Rohan … never like this though.” He snorted. “Though the fucker is magnificent, isn’t he? That cock would tear me in half. You … I bet you could take him.”

    My teeth dug into my lip and I stared at the rod of flesh the size of a bedpost that arced up beneath the dragon’s belly. I was both terrified and tempted. I’d lost my virginity only three weeks earlier to a satyr in full primal shift, so I knew how it felt to be filled with a cock that should have frightened me, but Llyr was not nearly as well endowed in his native satyr form as Rohan.

    Rohan’s attention to his friend’s cock had slowed and I realized he was regarding me with his heated golden gaze as though he still grasped some of our conversation. He dipped his head again and slid his tongue between my folds, rumbling as he savored my flavor. Then he wrapped his tongue around Keagan’s thick shaft and nudged the ursa’s cockhead closer to my core.

    Keagan’s hand tightened on my breast and he hissed, his hips tilting back beneath mine, attempting to retreat from contact.

    “Dude, don’t go there,” Keagan warned.

    Rohan puffed out hot breath and lifted his claw, gripping Keagan’s hip beneath mine.

    “I think he wants you to fuck me,” I breathed, my gaze fixed on the dragon’s. “That’s a good sign … it means he’s at least not completely feral yet.”

    “”We can’t,” Keagan said. “Too dangerous.”

    “Maybe for a normal ursa female, but I’m not normal. I’m pretty sure the higher races can’t get pregnant without a soul.”

    Keagan’s arm tightened around my chest, the thumb of his other hand drifting across one erect nipple. Rohan emitted a low-pitched hum of agreement and Keagan groaned. “Our kind conceive when our souls merge to create a new one. Maybe you’re right.”

    I tilted my head back and craned my neck to look at him. “I’m also part dragon, you know, and you can’t get a dragon pregnant unless she’s marked you first.”

    Keagan gave me a pained look with kind eyes. “It sounds like you’re trying to talk me into fucking you.”

    I glanced between my thighs where Rohan’s tongue was still wrapped around Keagan, the dragon’s big head tilting up and down as he stroked. With each slow pass, Keagan’s tip grazed my opening, but he kept his hips pushed back into the cushions beneath us to avoid penetration.

    “It’s for Rohan,” I said. “Don’t let him down, Keagan.”

    Excerpt #2

    Keagan leaned in close enough to brush his nose along my jaw and inhaled. My spine went rigid at the sensation. He didn’t even like me. Why the hell was he acting like I was his supper?

    “Fuck, you smell like him. Did you have a taste of him while he was gorging himself on you?”

    He was panting, ragged breath gusting against my cheek. Within me, a war raged between the need to reassert my boundaries and my ache for contact.

    “I returned the favor,” I whispered, my eyes fluttering closed when Keagan’s lips grazed my jaw. Close to my ear, he groaned, dragging in long gulps of air.

    “Did you like how he tasted?” he asked. He moved in a slow arc, looming behind me as he caged me in with his arms. He nosed my hair aside, grazing his lips along my shoulder at the edge of the opening of Rohan’s shirt. The sensation sent a tingle of pleasure through my body and I involuntarily pushed my hips back into him.

    “Yes. I think he liked how you tasted on me too.”

    He expelled a harsh breath as though I’d just punched him and grabbed my hip, yanking me back. Rough denim scratched at my ass through the thin fabric of the shirt, but his arousal beneath was unmistakable. The awareness of his hard length destroyed my ability to breathe, to think. My core clenched with a fresh desire to feel him inside me.

    “I wish you weren’t wearing his favorite goddamn shirt, or I’d rip it off you,” he growled. With his other hand, he gripped my breast through the fabric, hefting my flesh in his palm and flicking his thumb back and forth across my stiff, sensitive nipple.

    I gasped and pushed back against him again. “Aren’t you supposed to be a little more deferential, Keagan Sundance?” I said, struggling for something to level this sudden imbalance of power that seemed to have cropped up between us. He was a male ursa, and male ursa always asked before they touched.

    His hot mouth lifted from my jaw. “You guessed my clan . . . You are perceptive, princess, I will give you that. But you should know that us Sundance men have a reputation for breaking rules. I’m not in the mood to ask right now.”

    He slipped the hand that held my hip backward, hooking it beneath the hem of my shirt. His fingers delved between my cheeks, sliding forward through my soaked folds and sending a shock of pleasure straight up my spine.

    My response burst from me on a sudden exhalation. “Why not?”

    “Because you’re going to beg me for it.”

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