• Dragon Void Excerpt

    Excerpt #1

    “You terrify me,” he said softly, and she knew what he said was true. Even if the Wind hadn’t been there to verify his honesty, she’d have known it by the wetness in his eyes. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and the first one I’ve ever wanted so much I’d behave like a rutting stag the first time we meet. I don’t do this, Evie. What I want to do with you is entirely out of character for me. I know you have no reason to believe that because we just met, but it’s the truth.”

    She laughed shakily, taken aback by his bare honesty. “Surely there have been others… Look at you.” She waved her hand down his sturdy frame, still crouched before her.

    He shook his head. “I’ve tried off and on, but somehow the women I’m most drawn to are wildly inaccessible. You’re the first who’d give me the time of day. That in itself makes you infinitely more amazing to me. But there’s something deeper.”

    He reached up a hand and placed his palm against the center of her chest. The simple touch stole her breath. “I can’t put my finger on it, but I really want to know everything there is to know about you.”

    Evie found it hard to fill her lungs enough to speak. Finally, in a near whisper, she said, “What if I never trust you enough to share my secrets?”

    “Then I’ll have to prove to you that you can.”

    She sighed, relieved that he told her the truth, but also more anxious than ever that she hadn’t heard any hint of a lie. If she had, she’d have had an excuse to avoid following through with her crazy plan.

    She urged him to stand and laced her fingers through his again. Taking a deep breath, she found that steely will of hers along with the wicked streak that had urged her to seek him out to begin with.

    “Rutting stag, huh? I think I like the sound of that.” She grinned up at him. Abruptly he wrapped her in his arms and laid a hot, hungry kiss against her lips. In spite of the cold brick wall he had her pressed into, all she could feel was his heat flooding through her thin dress. She clung to him, melting against him, both of them oblivious to the traffic on the sidewalk passing by like nothing out of the ordinary was occurring. Like she wasn’t on the verge of letting this man fuck her silly against the wall right out in public on a cool spring evening.

    The honk of a cab caused Marcus to jump and draw away from her. She held on, reluctant to lose the warmth of his body and the sweet pull of his mouth. A small, petulant sound came out of her and he groaned in response. He placed his hands against the wall on either side of her head and peered down into her eyes.

    “You’ll be the death of me, Evie North. But I think you’ll be worth it.”

    Excerpt #2

    In Evie’s mind, a composition began to unfold, sweet notes playing for her alone with each note of pleasure he drew out of her. Soon he began to hum along with the beat of her pulse, the soft sounds vibrating over the slick, sensitive flesh of her core. Sounds erupted unbidden from her own throat, ringing sweet and clear through the small apartment. At first the sound was an incoherent collection of random syllables, but gradually converged into words of a song heard long ago in another era, another country. The first love song Evie had ever learned matched the rhythm of Marcus’s attention perfectly, but as he conducted her body’s reactions toward a growing crescendo, the true meaning of the song became bittersweet.

    She kept singing even as her breath hitched and her body writhed, consumed by her climax. His mouth remained tight against her, tongue sliding more slowly over her quivering flesh and drawing out the orgasm for an endless moment, as if he were testing the strength of her lungs to see how long they could hold that final note together.

    The last note came out as a breathy sigh, her body finally relaxing, but still tingling with remnants of pleasure. Marcus pressed a soft kiss on her inner thigh and looked up at her, licking his lips.

    “Encore?” he said, grinning.

    “Who are you?” Evie asked, incredulous. She sat up as he rose from the floor.

    “Just a man who knows how to appreciate a creature as exquisite as you. You must have been lying to me when you said you weren’t an angel. Only angels have such beautiful voices.”

    “Oh? And how many angels have you made sing like that?” She reached out and hooked her fingers into the waist of his jeans, tugging him close. His eyes darkened as he looked down at her.

    “Now that I’ve met one in the flesh, I’m sure the rest weren’t the real thing. You’re too perfect to be human, I’m sure of it.”

    Evie ignored the comment, though the words tugged at an old memory. She couldn’t put her finger on why the comment should worry her—she was still too absorbed by the sense of helpless surrender the lyrics of her song had incited in her. Instead, she tried to distract him by slowly unbuttoning his shirt and sliding her hands up the contours of his taut stomach and broad chest.

    Marcus slid out of the garment, letting it fall to the floor. He simply watched with that same stormy gaze as she unfastened his belt and undid the closure of his jeans. A little surge of breath escaped his lips when she tugged his zipper down over the tight press of his erection. She didn’t overtly touch him, though—not yet. She wanted to draw out the anticipation as long as possible. Instead, she leaned close and rested her lips lightly over his navel, mimicking his treatment of her earlier and teasing at the small cleft with the tip of her tongue.

    Careful not to touch him too much, she pushed his pants down his legs and watched with unabashed appreciation as he bent to pull his shoes off, then step out of his clothes. He was more magnificent than any man she’d ever been with. His skin was lightly tanned, with smatterings of darker freckles over his shoulders and chest. Out of his clothes, he seemed even bigger than before, the definition of thick shoulders and thicker thighs evidence that he was a very active man who cared about his physique.

    The best part was the thick curve of his cock jutting out of a reddish thatch of curls where the vee of his abdominal muscles ended. She licked her lips, heat surging between her thighs at the sight.

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