• Dragon Equinox

    Numa moved to straddle Dion’s waist and settled with her backside on his hips, his heavy erection brushing hot against her back.

    “What next. More torture?” he asked.

    “No. Now we give you a breather. We rest.”

    She lowered herself to his chest, carefully positioning her backside so that his cock lay along the cleft of her ass and her slick, hot core pressed against his pelvis. The slight friction of the movement sent a brief thrill through her body that she knew he’d notice.

    “If I could see your aura would it show me the same thing you see in mine?” he asked, his warm breath brushing the crown of her head. He lowered both big hands to her back and rubbed slow caresses all the way down until he held both her ass cheeks in his hands. He spread her wider and tilted his hips up, deliberately pressing his cock tighter to her channel.

    “Not quite,” she said. “Your limits are lower than mine.”

    “I could overpower you now. Fill you with my cock until your sweet little cunt overflowed with my seed. I’ve always wondered what kind of immortal god-child you and I would make.”

    “You mean you and a dragon,” she said, certain he didn’t mean her specifically.

    He stilled and then shook his head. Numa turned her head to face him, resting her chin on his sternum.

    “You, little one. There’s always something about the good girls that makes men like me hunger for a taste of you. Neither of your sisters had the same allure.”

    “I’m not a ‘good girl’. I’m a dragon,” she said, giving him an irritated look.

    Dion’s chest rumbled with a deep laugh. “I know this now. You are as wicked as they come.”

    His laugh faded and his expression sobered. The luscious bow of his mouth parted slightly as his gaze heated. He lifted a hand to cup her cheek and craned his neck to capture her mouth with his.

    Numa’s breath stopped with that kiss, more hungry and desperate than the first one they’d shared, and ten times as intoxicating. His tongue delved deep, demanding her reciprocation and she gave it, shifting up to hover over him and kiss him even harder while he pressed back into the pillows.

    Dion groaned into her mouth and pushed back against her, his hands clutching at her hips. With an easy, graceful twist he had her on her back with his hips pressing hard against hers. He pulled back from the kiss and gazed down at her.

    “It would be so easy to take you now, little one. Once I were inside you, you wouldn’t even object to it.”

    Numa forced herself to inhale. “You know what’s at stake, Dion.”

    He shifted his hips back, dragging his heavy erection along her soaked core. His gaze grew heavy lidded as he teased her like that and Numa’s control wavered. Sweet Mother, she did want that glorious beast of a cock inside her. If he took her, could she stop him soon enough? Was her self control as strong as she believed?

    “Yes. I know. That’s why I’m not going to fuck you … not yet.” He gave her one more lingering kiss before moving lower, trailing a very talented tongue down the center of her chest and pausing to tease and suck her nipples until they ached.

    “What are you doing?” she asked when he continued lower.

    “Driving myself mad,” he rumbled. “But there’s no sense in both of us suffering today, is there? I’ll have time to torture you in return before you choose.”

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