• Burying His Desires Excerpt

    It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a submissive so much so you’ll just have to be patient with me. But remember, you can trust me. All I want is to make you feel good. If what I do ever stops feeling good, tell me.” It was strange hearing that word in reference to[…]

    The Satyr’s Sin Excerpt

    Vesh is going to have my head. That’s not an uncommon thought for me, but this time it’s a foregone conclusion. Though it hits me in the throbbing murk of half-consciousness that I at least still have a head. It’s the part that hurts as if I just locked horns with a freight train and[…]

    The Queen’s Knights Excerpt

    I look down at my submissive pet for the evening, giving him a somber nod that he may begin. He licks his lips again, and his thighs flex as he pushes against the floor with his feet. His backrest slides up, the motion causing his stiff erection to bounce slightly when it locks into place,[…]

    Fall of the Amador Cartel: Valentine’s Day Excerpt

    As I draw, the design grows in my mind, until I can picture it fully formed on his right side. I slide into the zone I always wind up in when in my creative groove. The image unfolds beneath my fingers, a rendering of the Hermit tarot card in my own style, but featuring a[…]

    Fall of the Amador Cartel: Marked Man Excerpt 2

    Lying here naked beside him now is a sensory overload—even more than our wild fuck session in the shower earlier. Because now I have the clarity of mind to focus on the sheer size of him, on how his hand completely engulfs my pelvis, how deftly he delves between my thighs, how he homes in[…]

    Fall of the Amador Cartel: Marked Man Excerpt

    “Here, let’s get you relaxed. Drink a little.” He reaches for my cocktail and aims the straw at my mouth. I take a long swallow, then another, until the glass is dry and I have brain freeze, but once that fades a warm buzz seeps through my body. Then he begins massaging my back for[…]