• Triple Talons Excerpt

    Veryl itched under Gerri’s imperious scrutiny, feeling even more inadequate than he had the first day he’d tried out for the grade-school arena team. He’d come a long way since then as an athlete, but he was woefully unprepared to re-enter the dating world. Ever since he and his partners had secured their pro-League status,[…]

    Dragon Splendor Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 Aurum waited as still as possible, debating whether to leave and fly solo, or make herself known and go sit beside her sister. She itched for some kind of physical activity to alleviate the ever-growing craving for sexual energy, and a good, long fly would do wonders. Nicholas’s masculine musk reached her, and[…]

    Fool’s Paradise Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 “You’re going to fuck her one way or the other. If you can’t do it with your dick, you need to use your hand.” Deva let out a soft gasp of surprise and craned her head back to look at Keagan. “I don’t know,” she said. “Trust me,” he murmured into her ear,[…]

    Fool’s Folly Excerpt

    “Deva,” he rumbled from above me. “Gaia fucking save me.” His hand went to my head and he tilted into my mouth as I slipped my lips over his length and took him deep. His fingers barely touched my hair at first, but when I reached my limit with his cockhead pressed at the back[…]

    Fate’s Fools Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 The dragon had us both caged in and the second Keagan’s cock grazed my low back, Rohan responded. His lips curled back from his teeth and his pupils constricted, a small gout of flame blasting from his nostrils. “Chill dude, she’s yours,” Keagan said. “Or are you pissed because I’m hiding this from[…]

    Dragon Void Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 “You terrify me,” he said softly, and she knew what he said was true. Even if the Wind hadn’t been there to verify his honesty, she’d have known it by the wetness in his eyes. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and the first one I’ve ever wanted so much[…]

    Dragon Equinox

    Numa moved to straddle Dion’s waist and settled with her backside on his hips, his heavy erection brushing hot against her back. “What next. More torture?” he asked. “No. Now we give you a breather. We rest.” She lowered herself to his chest, carefully positioning her backside so that his cock lay along the cleft[…]

    Dragon Blues Excerpt

    “We’ll be gentle,” Lukas said. He leaned in and Belah gladly opened up for his kiss. “Don’t lie to her, brother,” Iszak said. “It’ll be as rough as we need it to be, but I have a feeling that’s what you’d rather have, isn’t it, Belah? You’re going to feel so much pleasure it’ll blow[…]

    Dragon Blessed Excerpt

    Australian Outback, Four Days Prior to Spring Equinox “We should have brought a dragon with us, I’m telling you.” Neela gave her brother a sidelong look as she rifled through the pockets of the unconscious Hunter at her feet, finding only lint. “You keep saying that. If I’d known you were going to be such[…]

    Dragon Betrayed Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 “What did you do to me? I was meant to die. I was meant to become a god for what I did, to live beside Osiris and Ra.” He ripped the bandage off his side, displaying a honey-coated wound that was swiftly sealing itself and leaving no trace behind. Not even a scar.[…]

    Breath of Night Excerpt

    Saturday morning had dawned with an otherworldly brightness, the sun streaming in through the high windows of Rafe’s bedroom. The warm bulk of him groaned behind Rowan, the vibration sending a pleasant thrill through her, as close as it was to the sounds he made during sex. Rather than touch her, he left the bed,[…]

    Animus Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 “Wow, check those out,” Eben said. “Nothing like what we’d imagined they might be.” He pointed toward the pair of massive white dragon guardians that flanked the throne, and Erika’s eyes widened at the sight. The guardians each rested on their haunches, supported from behind by thick tails. Both sported huge, erect phalluses[…]