• Blackmailing Benjamin Excerpt

    “This is it, Kat,” he said, pulling back and looking directly in my eyes. “Tell me you want me. Tell me you want my cock.” I did squirm and whimper then, just to get closer. I was having a really hard time figuring out how to actually articulate words as simple as, “Yes, please fuck[…]

    Second Skin: The Devil’s Daughter Excerpt

    Drake doesn’t even knock, he just barges into the room, the low light from the corridor enough to illuminate the violently flailing body on the queen-size bed in the middle of the room. Ben’s naked, his dark tattoos twisting like shadows over his muscular torso as whatever nightmare he’s having grips him in a spasm[…]

    Second Skin: Mad Dog Excerpt

    Join Ophelia Bell’s Contemporary Romance Newsletter to receive updates on Second Skin Celeste We’re halfway down the block when a sleek black SUV pulls up and comes to a stop on the street, causing the driver behind it to honk. My neck prickles and my skin warms with shame, as if the man inside will[…]

    Hot Wings Excerpt

    Pomona lifted the tray. Passing through the door felt like walking by an open flame. Maybe it was all in her head, but the man radiated pure heat. Her head buzzed from the proximity to his body, her upper arm nearly brushing against the bulging bulk of his chest and the snug, knit shirt he[…]

    Second Skin: Mile High Excerpt

    Mason “I learned that even if there had been a raging blizzard outside this afternoon, it wouldn’t have stopped me from seeing you again.” She leans a little closer, a wry tilt to her lips. “Is that so?” I swallow and suppress a primal urge to push her back, rip her clothes off, and mount[…]

    Second Skin: Mad Dog Excerpt

    Leo Surging forward, I grab the back of his neck. My gaze is still on his lips, heart thumping like a drum, and I’m abstractly conscious that my dick has gone hard as a rock as I close the distance and cover his mouth with mine. He jerks back and sucks in a breath but[…]

    Thieves of Fate Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 Benedetta Being resurrected felt the same as dying. A fire bloomed with intense heat through my body, the flame blinding. The difference was that when I’d died, the sooty blackness dragged me under fast. This time, I was hurtled toward the fire itself, yanked unwillingly into the core of its blaze and held[…]

    Fool’s Bargain Excerpt

    She was a girl after my own heart, taking her pleasure from one satyr while giving to another. Dorian’s glistening cock slipped from between her lips and her hips ceased their undulations over Kyril’s face as she turned to me in surprise. “Theo, who is she?” I whispered to my teacher who had appeared at[…]

    Midnight Star Excerpt

    “But you don’t want a mate, remember?” he said, looking down into her eyes. She swallowed and shook her head. “Damn straight I don’t. I want my career back.” Despite her bravado, her voice came out shaky. Her body seemed to gravitate toward him of its own accord, drawn to his naked heat. “Then does[…]

    Eye of the Hurricane Excerpt

    “So you’re some kind of wind magician?” I asked, astounded that I’d even suggested magic was real. And yet when I said it, I knew I was on the right track. Over the past few weeks, I’d seen more and more things that just seemed out of the ordinary in a way that went beyond[…]

    Nobody’s Fool Excerpt

    I plucked at the strings again, restarting the song and finding my voice. Despite a tongue clumsy from drink, I had no trouble singing clearly. Call it my superpower; I may not have been able to walk a straight line, but I could still make flawless music while wasted. Her eyelids fluttered closed and some[…]

    Fool’s Errand Excerpt

    “Sing with me,” I whispered as I began to move. I lifted my wet hands from his shoulders to his temples, raking my fingers through his damp curls and holding on, my grip forcing his head to tilt back. Rohan’s golden gaze fixed on my face, his eyelids fluttering slightly and his breath coming quicker[…]