• Burying His Desires Excerpt

    It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a submissive so much so you’ll just have to be patient with me. But remember, you can trust me. All I want is to make you feel good. If what I do ever stops feeling good, tell me.”

    It was strange hearing that word in reference to me: submissive. But I wanted this enough to ignore it for now. Still, I was curious. “Do I need a safe word?”

    “Not unless you want one. I’m a teddy bear as a Dom. This isn’t about testing limits so if you ever say no, I will take it at face value.”

    I bit the inside of my mouth, considering this new information. “So if I told you right now that I’d rather just go to my room and use my vibrator, you’d let me?”

    He chuckled. “Yes, but that would be no fun, if you ask me.” He pinched my nipple a little harder than before and I gasped, arching into his touch and clenching my thighs together to stave off some of the overwhelming need that surged between my legs. My core ached so much for contact that it almost hurt. He dipped his head and whispered in my ear, “You aren’t planning on running away, are you?”

    “No,” I breathed. “But I don’t like being tortured.”

    “Trust me, it’ll be worth it. You’ll enjoy this so much by the end that you’ll beg me for it again and again.”

    I wasn’t sure about that, but my curiosity kept me from whining too much.  I still loved every second of his attention. 

    “At least keep talking to me. Tell me more about your baser urges,” I said, hoping that his voice might distract me from the mounting need.

    “I’d rather show you, but if you need me to talk you through it, having you so completely at my mercy like this is a fantasy come true.”

    “You fantasized about me?”

    He slid his hand down the center of my belly, the touch distracting me for a moment as his fingertips neared my pelvis, but he veered left at my navel and coasted back up my side, tickling slightly until I flinched and scowled at him.

    “Not exactly. You were never a subject of my fantasies. You were Maggie’s daughter and too young during most of our marriage to even entertain thoughts like this. But I often wished for the perfect partner to fall into my lap.  In my explorations I usually played with couples who both had a penchant for submission but weren’t equipped to take care of each other for whatever reason. They both wanted the opportunity to enjoy the experience, to keep their play time balanced. And since I enjoy the thrill of dominating two people at once, it worked for me. But I was always a prop to them, regardless of how satisfying the experience was, and never made a deep connection with any of them.”

    “So you never had your own submissives? Did Mom have someone who was … exclusive? Does it even work that way?”

    His expression darkened for a beat and I caught a flash of what I thought might be regret, but it lasted only a microsecond. “Maggie wasn’t exclusive for the longest time, but there was someone just within the last year who she spent more time with. Adam.” He winced and the regret returned to his eyes. “I should have reached out to him, but with everything …” He sighed and I reached up and caressed his cheek.

    “You lost her too,” I said gently. 

    He clenched his eyes shut for a moment and took a shaky breath, then bent his head, twisting his torso so he could kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and arched into him, opening eagerly when his mouth covered mine. 

    As our tongues slid together, he coasted his hand down my middle again, but this time didn’t stop at my pelvis. His touch grazed the soaked mesh between my legs, making me moan into the kiss. The sound was answered with a groan from him when he discovered just how turned on I was. 

    He kept kissing me as he teased his fingertips up and down my core with the barest feathery caresses that only stoked my heat even higher, but he never crossed the barrier. 

    I was breathless when he finally released me from the kiss and urged me up.

    “On your hands and knees again, baby.”

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    • Seems interesting but there wasn’t enough for me to decide if I’m interested in it or not. It could be very good or pretty generic, never read such a short excerpt.

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