• Breath of Night Excerpt

    Saturday morning had dawned with an otherworldly brightness, the sun streaming in through the high windows of Rafe’s bedroom. The warm bulk of him groaned behind Rowan, the vibration sending a pleasant thrill through her, as close as it was to the sounds he made during sex. Rather than touch her, he left the bed, grumbling something about it being too damn bright. He glanced back at the bed just as he reached for the drapes and stopped, his hand still poised in mid air.

    The flick of those dark eyes over her naked body left her tingling from head to toe, as though he’d added fuel to the already bright sunlight on her skin and she’d somehow managed to catch fire. Something red-hot seemed to ignite in Rafe’s eyes. He lowered his hand from the drape and turned slowly, taking her in more thoroughly.

    It wasn’t particularly warm in the room, but heat grew deep inside her, beginning in her core and spreading outward.

    “Sweet Mother, you’re beautiful. The sun suits you.”

    She eyed him with as much open admiration. He stood in a bright sunbeam, haloed by the light on his olive skin. The lines of his large, sculpted body were cast in stark relief from the angle of the sun and Rowan could make out every glorious plane and indentation, even down to the lovely upraised line of a violet vein that stood out along the shaft of his erect cock. She licked her lips, remembering the salty flavor of him when she’d taken him into her mouth the night before, testing out the use of her new tongue to the near detriment of Rafe’s sanity.

    His skin shimmered slightly, the light of the sun seeming to highlight the underlying texture of scales on his skin, but they faded as quickly as they became visible. The image reminded her that he wasn’t quite human, but neither was she. The knowledge of their shared origin made her smile wider.

    He’s mine. All mine.

    “Why are you smiling?” he asked, his voice husky. He began to slink back toward the bed, his movements even more measured and calculating than they’d been the night before. His eyes narrowed in suspicion, but his lips betrayed his amusement.

    “Just thinking about the things your tongue can do. I think I need another lesson.” It was almost the truth.

    She wanted him desperately, and she’d never considered herself a desperate person, even when she was young and starving because her foster parents chose to feed their own kids before her and she got the leftovers. She found other avenues to sustain herself even then. She’d been the little shaved-head waif convincing poor people to buy pretty found items they didn’t even need. She brushed a hand over her head in remembrance of the hate her foster parents had of her vibrant red hair. “Satan’s child,” they called her as they clipped the red threads and she watched them fall around her like maple leaves in autumn.

    It was only summer now, and her red tresses were in full bloom. There were no maples outside Rafe’s window. Only a wide expanse of the Pacific, with the green tufts of a few palms in her field of vision, and his beautiful presence coming closer to her, ready to give her that lesson she’d suggested she needed, but all she really wanted was to feel him inside her again.

    He paused to stand at the side of the bed, gazing down at her. The caress of his dark eyes was followed by his hand when he reached out to brush the line of her jaw with one knuckle. His expression was filled with wonder that perplexed her. He looked as though he’d just discovered one of the rarest, most priceless artifacts and was afraid his touch might mar its surface.

    Rowan lay still, letting him touch her. He swept the pad of his thumb across her lower lip then let his hand drift lower, tracing the line of her neck and shoulder, brushing fingertips along the harder edge of her collarbone, down her sternum. His touch followed the contour of her breast and she gasped when he passed one fingertip across the underside of her nipple.

    Rafe seemed to grow more alert at her reaction, his stance tightening, eyes narrowing in determination. Rowan’s own body thrummed with desire, the sensation of ethereal fire growing hotter on her skin until she realized she was doing it again. Her skin had erupted into red scales, her hands elongating into razor-tipped talons that punctured the mattress.

    “Shit! I’m sorry,” she shook her hands in the air as though trying to shake off the change.

    Rafe grabbed her wrists and smiled at her confusion. “Let it happen this time, love. I can show you what it’s like to make love in our true forms. Turn over.”

    She did as he asked and he gripped her by the hips, pulling her toward the edge of the bed. With a nudge of his hand she rose up on hands and knees. She didn’t need to look to know he was right behind her, bigger than life. The searing heat of his cock brushed against her inner thigh and she moaned, tilting her hips back in invitation, but he just kept up with the almost idle caresses.

    She caught a glimpse of herself in a dressing mirror on the other side of the room. The red coils of her horns had reappeared, even heavier on her head now than they’d seemed the night before.

    In daylight, Rafe looked magnificent. The sun caught his obsidian horns and the jewel-like sheen of his scales. His chest rippled behind her when he shifted his stance and pulled her hips closer. Somehow he seemed even larger than before and appeared to be growing, changing shape in the reflection. Soon his hands were the only things that remained smooth, the gentle brush of his fingertips slipping between her thighs into the wet heat of her.

    He rumbled his appreciation, then gripped both her hips, his fingertips growing dark and pointed. She could feel the pointed tips digging into her flesh, but they were only a sharp pressure that sent zings of pleasure to her core. Rafe pressed the shaft of his cock along the crease of her ass and tilted his hips, letting the thick length slide between her cheeks and along the slick opening of her pussy.

    His chest rose and fell quickly with panting breaths.

    “I’m going to change while I fuck you. Change with me, Rowan. Feel it with me.”

    He didn’t give her a chance to answer, and the sudden smooth thrust of his cock into her tight, wet heat made her cry out, the delicious stretching fullness of him sending a sudden jolt of pleasure straight to the tips of her horns. He seemed even bigger than he had the night before, and Goddamn if he wasn’t growing.

    “Oh fuck!” she cried out at the nearly painful stretch of his cock inside her. She plunged backward, and rose up onto her knees, arching her back and shifting her hips to take him even deeper.

    She was mesmerized by the sight in the mirror, his black skin shimmering in the sunlight.

    His massive shape engulfed her smaller one. Thick arms the size of tree trunks held her against a solid chest that felt nothing like the soft human version she’d fallen asleep against. He was both molten heat and a churning void at the same time. His cock pressed ever deeper, pushing at her boundaries so far she felt she might split in half, but she kept pushing back, meeting his thrusts with equal fervor.

    He grew still larger until she had to rise up higher on her knees to accommodate the changing height. She found it increasingly difficult to move, and to even think with the relentless push of his massive shaft into her.

    Change,” came the rumbling, resonant voice, so deep and intense she nearly orgasmed from the vibration that sunk through her body. A dark, sleek tail whipped around, the smooth tip of it brushing down between her breasts, swirling around her nipples and dipping lower, past her navel, to the place between her legs where she could clearly see the shining wet gloss of her juices coating the length of his cock that she was only barely able to accommodate. An expanse of his length still remained outside her, however. If she wanted all of him, she would have to become like him. And sweet Jesus did she want all of him.

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