• The Queen’s Knights

    Gwen’s doctorate in feminist studies didn’t prepare her for the powerlessness of being sexually assaulted by a stranger. She reclaims her power once a month at Whitewood Club’s masquerade night, when she chooses a willing partner to submit to her instead. With a bodyguard who never leaves her side, even in the middle of a scene, she’s safe to explore a darker side of her sexuality.

    A mysterious masked man gets under her skin in an unexpected way when she chooses him at the latest masquerade, but when she learns he’s a student, she’s forced to make a decision. Does she let the irresistible young man talk her into becoming her submissive, or does she obey propriety and risk never truly achieving her goal? 

    Her bodyguard might have his own opinion though. Because his feelings are growing for them both. When he and the student make a pact to protect Gwen at all costs, their promise takes on a life of its own. Shared love for their Domme might compel them to do the unthinkable to the man who assaulted her. If they find him.