• Fool’s Folly

    Finding my soulmate might cost me my soul.

    The moment I met Deva Rainsong, she took something precious from me. Now she needs more, and the crazy thing is, I just might give it to her.

    I can’t deny the attraction sizzling between us, nor how badly I miss the touch of her new mate, Rohan. Ursa males mate in pairs, so what if he’s a dragon? I always believed when it happened, we’d do it together. But now she’s chosen him, not me, and the rogue alpha in me isn’t happy. I still want them both, but claiming them might mean giving up a piece of my very soul.

    With Fate hot on our heels, intent on destroying the bloodline connected to Deva, time is of the essence. Taking a piece of my soul will only make her more powerful, and will bind me to her for as long as we live.

    Which won’t be long if she can’t let herself have me—and the three other members of Fate’s Fools waiting in the wings.