• Fate’s Fools Box Set Volume II

    Deva Rainsong’s legacy is alive. The magical rogue fate hounds she controls are doing their jobs sniffing out mates for those members of the Bloodline who might otherwise be targeted to have their souls “recycled” by Fate.

    The four books in this volume include tales of Bloodline humans being matched with their higher races mates. From a pop star diva in Las Vegas to a talented tattoo artist in Santa Monica, from a Seattle glassblower to an ancient spirit lost for millennia only to be reborn in fire. All these women have one thing in common: they are Bloodline, which means nothing but finding mates from among the higher races can protect them from Fate’s wrath.

    This Box Set Includes:

    Book 6 -Eye of the Hurricane
    Book 7 – Fool’s Bargain
    Book 8 – April’s Fools
    Book 9 – Thieves of Fate