Deva’s Song: A Fate’s Fools Prequel

Author’s Note: This prequel introduces the beginning of Deva Rainsong’s story first introduced at the end of the “Immortal Dragons” series. The text also appears in the “Immortal Dragons” epilogue, “Dragon Avenged.” If you have already read “Dragon Avenged” you do not need to read “Deva’s Song.”

* * *

With powers and a bloodline no other creature in existence possesses, Deva Rainsong is finally on the verge of understanding her purpose.

A year has passed since the explosive resolution of the Dragon Council’s quest to find their mates and destroy their mortal enemy. The world of the higher races is on the verge of a dangerous shift. The dragons have one more ritual to undertake to ensure their secrets are kept and the human world remains oblivious to their presence. Deva is the key to their safety.

She must cast the spell required to reach all the humans tainted by the enemy, even if it comes at the expense of her innocence. But Deva’s nature craves a true awakening, and her rapture might just be the thing that saves them all.