• Blackmailing Benjamin Excerpt

    “This is it, Kat,” he said, pulling back and looking directly in my eyes. “Tell me you want me. Tell me you want my cock.”

    I did squirm and whimper then, just to get closer. I was having a really hard time figuring out how to actually articulate words as simple as, “Yes, please fuck me, Ben.” My pussy ached to have him in me. As if sensing my need, Andre hooked both his feet around my lower legs and spread me wider. 

    “She’s ready, aren’t you, Kitty Kat? I can feel your pussy juice leaking all over me.”

    “Yes,” I finally managed to squeak out just as Ben tilted his hips and thrust into me a tiny bit. It couldn’t have been more than the first inch or two of his cock, but the sweet stretch of him finally being in me made me cry out.

    “Oh, fuck, you’re tight. And here I thought you were such a little slut the last few years. I hated the idea of anyone else ever fucking you. How many men have you fucked, Kat?” 

    Jesus, he wanted to have a conversation? I twitched my hips trying to get him in deeper, but he smirked and pulled back. 

    “You want more of me, you’ve gotta spill. How many?”

    I wracked my brain. There had been a handful but none so well endowed as my stepbrother or Andre. And it had probably been a year since the last guy—the tattooist. Hence my urge to go on the hunt tonight. It’d been too long a dry spell.

    “A few? I don’t know. And for the record I fucking hate you. Now will you just fuck me?”

    “Only if you promise me something. Promise me after tonight only my cock gets to be inside you. Because I’ll fucking kill any other man who touches you.”

    I heard a throat clearing right in my ear. Ben glanced at Andre and smiled. “Well, me or Andre, I guess.”

    I doubted I could hold to a promise like that but I wanted him so badly I nodded. The sweet, slow friction of his cock sinking into me made me flutter my eyelids in pleasure. 

    “Ben…Oh, God…” Before I could get out more words his mouth descended on mine, his tongue invading with its sweet, coffee flavor from the drinks he’d downed earlier. The flavor hit me in the most abstract way as I kissed him back. Somehow I expected my stepbrother the pretty frat boy to taste like beer. 

    More than that, though, the feel of his mouth claiming mine shattered my former impressions of him as the irritating, too-pretty, too-arrogant stepbrother I’d grown up with. The kiss was desperate, hungry, and full of promise. Then his cock plunged into me with a sudden, swift thrust and all the broken pieces of that old impression were swept away like detritus in a strong wind.

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