• Dragon Equinox

    Numa moved to straddle Dion’s waist and settled with her backside on his hips, his heavy erection brushing hot against her back. “What next. More torture?” he asked. “No. Now we give you a breather. We rest.” She lowered herself to his chest, carefully positioning her backside so that his cock lay along the cleft[…]

    Dragon Blues Excerpt

    “We’ll be gentle,” Lukas said. He leaned in and Belah gladly opened up for his kiss. “Don’t lie to her, brother,” Iszak said. “It’ll be as rough as we need it to be, but I have a feeling that’s what you’d rather have, isn’t it, Belah? You’re going to feel so much pleasure it’ll blow[…]

    Dragon Blessed Excerpt

    Australian Outback, Four Days Prior to Spring Equinox “We should have brought a dragon with us, I’m telling you.” Neela gave her brother a sidelong look as she rifled through the pockets of the unconscious Hunter at her feet, finding only lint. “You keep saying that. If I’d known you were going to be such[…]

    Dragon Betrayed Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 “What did you do to me? I was meant to die. I was meant to become a god for what I did, to live beside Osiris and Ra.” He ripped the bandage off his side, displaying a honey-coated wound that was swiftly sealing itself and leaving no trace behind. Not even a scar.[…]

    Breath of Night Excerpt

    Saturday morning had dawned with an otherworldly brightness, the sun streaming in through the high windows of Rafe’s bedroom. The warm bulk of him groaned behind Rowan, the vibration sending a pleasant thrill through her, as close as it was to the sounds he made during sex. Rather than touch her, he left the bed,[…]

    Animus Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 “Wow, check those out,” Eben said. “Nothing like what we’d imagined they might be.” He pointed toward the pair of massive white dragon guardians that flanked the throne, and Erika’s eyes widened at the sight. The guardians each rested on their haunches, supported from behind by thick tails. Both sported huge, erect phalluses[…]

    After You Excerpt

    “I have a better idea,” Celeste said. “You know that thing you wanted to do last week, but I said no to?” Lazaro remembered the conversation in detail. His mis-aimed cock pressed between the two perfect, fleshy mounds of her ass and he went with it, hoping maybe she wouldn’t object to a little back-door[…]

    Sisters of Flame Excerpt

    Rowan was resting at the end of a down-filled sofa, wrapped in a pale sheet that had ridden down far enough to nearly expose one of her plump breasts. Rafe was nude, one of his long legs stretched out beside Rowan, the other knee bent and his foot sunk into the overstuffed cushion. Their eyes[…]

    Tabula Rasa Excerpt

    In Camille’s dreams, she was never the shy, bookish girl who got tongue-tied in the presence of a beautiful man. No, in her dreams she was the pursuer, dominant over her desires, the mistress of her own fantasies. The subject of those fantasies in recent weeks had been one man—lovely Eben—who had destroyed all her[…]