• Thieves of Fate Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 Benedetta Being resurrected felt the same as dying. A fire bloomed with intense heat through my body, the flame blinding. The difference was that when I’d died, the sooty blackness dragged me under fast. This time, I was hurtled toward the fire itself, yanked unwillingly into the core of its blaze and held[…]

    Fool’s Bargain Excerpt

    She was a girl after my own heart, taking her pleasure from one satyr while giving to another. Dorian’s glistening cock slipped from between her lips and her hips ceased their undulations over Kyril’s face as she turned to me in surprise. “Theo, who is she?” I whispered to my teacher who had appeared at[…]

    Midnight Star Excerpt

    “But you don’t want a mate, remember?” he said, looking down into her eyes. She swallowed and shook her head. “Damn straight I don’t. I want my career back.” Despite her bravado, her voice came out shaky. Her body seemed to gravitate toward him of its own accord, drawn to his naked heat. “Then does[…]

    Eye of the Hurricane Excerpt

    “So you’re some kind of wind magician?” I asked, astounded that I’d even suggested magic was real. And yet when I said it, I knew I was on the right track. Over the past few weeks, I’d seen more and more things that just seemed out of the ordinary in a way that went beyond[…]

    Nobody’s Fool Excerpt

    I plucked at the strings again, restarting the song and finding my voice. Despite a tongue clumsy from drink, I had no trouble singing clearly. Call it my superpower; I may not have been able to walk a straight line, but I could still make flawless music while wasted. Her eyelids fluttered closed and some[…]

    Fool’s Errand Excerpt

    “Sing with me,” I whispered as I began to move. I lifted my wet hands from his shoulders to his temples, raking my fingers through his damp curls and holding on, my grip forcing his head to tilt back. Rohan’s golden gaze fixed on my face, his eyelids fluttering slightly and his breath coming quicker[…]

    Triple Talons Excerpt

    Veryl itched under Gerri’s imperious scrutiny, feeling even more inadequate than he had the first day he’d tried out for the grade-school arena team. He’d come a long way since then as an athlete, but he was woefully unprepared to re-enter the dating world. Ever since he and his partners had secured their pro-League status,[…]

    Dragon Splendor Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 Aurum waited as still as possible, debating whether to leave and fly solo, or make herself known and go sit beside her sister. She itched for some kind of physical activity to alleviate the ever-growing craving for sexual energy, and a good, long fly would do wonders. Nicholas’s masculine musk reached her, and[…]

    Fool’s Paradise Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 “You’re going to fuck her one way or the other. If you can’t do it with your dick, you need to use your hand.” Deva let out a soft gasp of surprise and craned her head back to look at Keagan. “I don’t know,” she said. “Trust me,” he murmured into her ear,[…]

    Fool’s Folly Excerpt

    “Deva,” he rumbled from above me. “Gaia fucking save me.” His hand went to my head and he tilted into my mouth as I slipped my lips over his length and took him deep. His fingers barely touched my hair at first, but when I reached my limit with his cockhead pressed at the back[…]

    Fate’s Fools Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 The dragon had us both caged in and the second Keagan’s cock grazed my low back, Rohan responded. His lips curled back from his teeth and his pupils constricted, a small gout of flame blasting from his nostrils. “Chill dude, she’s yours,” Keagan said. “Or are you pissed because I’m hiding this from[…]

    Dragon Void Excerpt

    Excerpt #1 “You terrify me,” he said softly, and she knew what he said was true. Even if the Wind hadn’t been there to verify his honesty, she’d have known it by the wetness in his eyes. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and the first one I’ve ever wanted so much[…]