• Animus Excerpt

    Excerpt #1

    “Wow, check those out,” Eben said. “Nothing like what we’d imagined they might be.”

    He pointed toward the pair of massive white dragon guardians that flanked the throne, and Erika’s eyes widened at the sight. The guardians each rested on their haunches, supported from behind by thick tails. Both sported huge, erect phalluses jutting up from between their scaled thighs. They’d have made interesting guest seats, that was for certain.

    “Yeah,” Erika said. “That’s almost obscene, isn’t it?”

    He chuckled. “No more than you shoving my face into your wet pussy and telling me to eat you like a starving man …”

    She dug a knuckle into his ribs and glanced around to see who might have heard, but the others were already spread out, scouting the room. Not that it was any secret that she and Eben occasionally slept together. That kind of thing was hard to keep quiet when you shared a campsite with five other people for weeks at a stretch. But she knew Camille had a thing for Eben and didn’t want to rub the younger woman’s face in it. Erika’s relationship with Eben had always been built out of convenience and mutual need. She’d long ago sensed he had a limit that he would hit before she hit her own. He’d been her best friend for years, but he wasn’t the man she was meant to be with any more than she was the woman for him.

    The image of those lust-filled red eyes returned to her mind, along with the deep, resonating voice and the touch laying claim to her body. “Mine.” She shivered with an unexpected wave of arousal and looked around, wondering where her dream lover might be if he were indeed in here somewhere. He had to be, the way her body was suddenly lit up.

    “Look at those doorways behind the dais.” She pointed at the pair of double-doors that rested deep on either side of the throne. “What do you think is back there?”

    Eben shrugged. “The dungeon? The kitchen? What do dragons eat anyway? Pretty virgin princesses?” He glanced at Camille, who was still gaping in awe in the doorway just out of earshot of his joke. “If I were a dragon I’d love eating virgins.”

    Eben grinned at Erika, irritatingly confident that she’d appreciate his sense of humor. He walked down the stairs and crossed the floor in long strides, taking the steps up to the throne two at a time with her following close behind.

    “I wonder why the throne is empty,” he said. “Usually an elaborate religious display like this would have the object of worship in plain sight.”

    Erika countered sharply. “You’re a geologist. What the hell do you know about religious displays? To me, this looks like a place to hold court. Not symbolic. Functional. See the alcoves in the mezzanine?” She pointed at the second tier above them. “I’d bet you anything those lead to more rooms, maybe back into the surrounding structure as well. This place is more than just a shrine, it’s a compound. People—or dragons—actually lived here.” And maybe they still do.

    “Well, I guess we’ll have to wait for the experts to say otherwise, huh?” He raised an eyebrow and crouched in front of one of the draconic figures flanking the throne. “They look so real, like they could wake up at any second.”

    “Master artisans, I guess.” She walked up to the other statue and stroked the dragon’s snout affectionately, trailing her fingertips over its polished white brows and the curling horns extending backward from its skull. Her fingertips tingled strangely and her nipples hardened against her coarse linen shirt. The texture of the stone sparked memories of her dreams—of the feel of hard, scaled flesh beneath her palms and the huge, red-skinned half-man, half-beast who possessed her body through the night. She had to find him.

    The stone was so smooth and warm it would have felt like flesh, if it had any give to it. It was polished to leave no evidence of the maker’s tools anywhere. When she looked over at Eben, he was stroking the prominent stone phallus of the dragon statue in front of him, the lewd gesture instantly clearing her mind of the delicious fantasy she’d been having.

    “I can’t take you anywhere,” she said.

    “Tell me you don’t want to play with it. They’re all so … anatomically correct. I always wondered what a dragon’s dick looked like. Almost as nice as mine. And it’s so smooth. Seriously, you need to touch it.”

    “It’s just a reflection of their virility.” Her heartbeat sped up. Her assessment was accurate from an academic standpoint, but the growing heat between her thighs made her sure there had to be more to these statues than met the eye.

    “So erect cocks are only symbolic, is that what you’re saying?”

    Erika gave him a sidelong glance. “In a statue, yeah. In you, it just means you haven’t jerked off in a few hours.” She looked pointedly at the huge bulge in his crotch.

    “I always have a cock. It’s not my fault if you’re too big a prude to want to touch it,” he muttered.

    She scowled at him, knowing he was digging at her for kicking him out of her tent the night before, but she’d been too distracted by their imminent discovery to entertain him. Her plan had been to find that semi-dream state where her fantasy lover existed, imagine the things he did to her in her dreams, and rub out enough orgasms to send herself into a mini-coma so she could sleep through the night without the distraction of another body beside her.

    It was unlike Eben to take issue with a night apart, but her sexual interest in him had waned the moment they’d set foot in this jungle. She’d probably taken advantage of his eagerness to please her one time too many. He’d just as soon go hungry when they were in a tiff, rather than come begging to her for sustenance of the carnal variety.

    Excerpt #2

    “I hurt you,” Geva said and Erika felt the sting of his fingertip graze over the edge of the wounds he’d laid into her back when he’d climaxed.

    “Just a little. I don’t mind.”

    “Let me fix it.”

    The air shifted around her and a huge shadow loomed above her. She glanced back to see a large red dragon, its velvety snout gusting warm clouds of red steam along her back. The sensation made her shiver, but the scratches stung less and less.

    “That feels nice,” she said. Geva’s forked tongue flicked out from his snout and she shivered as it tickled over her skin. The warm, velvety wetness of it slipped around and teased at her breasts, then snaked back and explored between her thighs. The forked tip of it stroked between her pussy lips, tasting her until she moaned. She stared back over her shoulder at the thick column of flesh that protruded from between his massive, scaled thighs. It was half again as big as it had been when he was human, but she craved every inch of it now.

    “You like the way I taste?” she asked and was startled to hear the very intelligible response in a deep, gravelly voice.

    “You taste alive. You taste beautiful. Hmmm, I could taste you for eternity.” His heavy claws tightened slightly around her hips and her exposure to him aroused her further.

    “Will you fuck me like this?”

    “My dragon form is too much for human women.”

    “Please. I can see you want me. I can take it.”

    “Oh, I do. If you desire this form, I will go slowly.” The beauty of him had her mesmerized even more in his true form. His wings stretched out behind him, quivering in his apparent need to take her. His glowing red eyes flashed with lust.

    He nuzzled her behind and flicked his tongue in a tickling trail along her spine while moving closer. Soon the scorching heat of his thick tip pressed against her entrance.

    “Oh, yes! Do it!” she cried out, pushing back, inviting him in deeper. His rumbling response vibrated through her entire body, amplifying her desire. The stretch of her pussy walls made her groan when he began pushing into her. When he was fully encompassed within her he paused and bent his long head down over her shoulder, teasing his tongue over her breasts again. This was so surreal, but it all felt so right. Geva began moving carefully at first. He fucked her with long, languid strokes, filling her up while she watched Eben attentively lick the jade pussy of the female dragon.

    “Worship her pussy well and you will be rewarded,” Geva said, directing the statement at Eben. “You can fuck her to life that way.”

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