• After You Excerpt

    “I have a better idea,” Celeste said. “You know that thing you wanted to do last week, but I said no to?”

    Lazaro remembered the conversation in detail. His mis-aimed cock pressed between the two perfect, fleshy mounds of her ass and he went with it, hoping maybe she wouldn’t object to a little back-door action for once. But she’d pushed him away, furious and spouting curses before she’d smacked him.

    “I should’ve asked. I told you I was sorry.” His previous ire dissipated in the hope that her better idea might involve letting him follow through.

    Her eager hazel eyes met his, burning with the same beautiful, adventurous lust she’d shown him their very first time together—her first time with anyone. Over the course of their three-year relationship, he’d come to believe her sense of adventure was boundless, but as yet there was still one unexplored frontier, and he craved it like he couldn’t believe.

    She pushed his shoulders back against the pillows and straddled his hips. The sight of her long, tousled brown hair and heavy breasts poised above made his cock hard again. She slid down his length and fucked him. Her slick, hot flesh sucking him in made him forget the conversation, but only briefly.

    “Hmm, so this idea of yours… do tell.” His hands slipped around her hips and squeezed both plump cheeks of her ass, reveling in the way they flexed with each undulation of her pelvis.

    She eyed him from beneath lowered lashes, her voice a languid purr. “You want to know what it feels like to sink your hard cock into my ass and fuck me?”

    He growled and sat up, squeezing her tighter. His arms flexed with the effort of lifting her slight weight and slamming it down again on his cock. She only grinned in response to his violent treatment, wrapping herself tighter around him.

    “Tell me how you’d do it,” she murmured into his ear.

    “I could show you right now.”

    “Tell me.” She leaned in and nibbled on his lower lip.

    “I’d get you good and wet first. Then coat my finger with that juice and slide it into your tight little asshole.” He slipped a hand further back and found his target, still slippery from his earlier attention, and pressed against it.

    “Not so quick.” She grabbed his hand and pulled it away.

    “Fuck, woman, just give me a little taste. Compromise.”

    “I’ll compromise.” Her pussy clenched around him. “If you want that little taste, you have to go first.”

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