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After You

AfterYou_MEDPleasure comes in threes.

Lazaro desires a particularly kinky favor from his beautiful girlfriend, Celeste. She says no, not unless he goes first. Except what she has in mind is slightly out of his comfort zone. She knows the perfect man to encourage Lazaro to follow through—their tattoo artist friend, Maddox.

Maddox has been secretly in love with Lazaro and Celeste ever since he met the attractive couple. When Lazaro makes an enticing proposition to fulfill his girlfriend’s fantasies, Maddox knows better than to turn it down. Even one night of pleasure with them would be worth risking a lifetime alone, and Maddox has nothing to lose.

passionateplumefinalistBadgeSoon to be a full-length novel.

Casey’s Secrets (Full Trilogy)

All three books of the deliciously taboo BDSM trilogy in one volume!

Book 1: Casey’s Secrets
She could taste the sting.

Book 2: Casey’s Discovery
You are MY breakfast, Casey, and I want you hot and fresh.

Book 3: Casey’s Surrender
I wanted to remain suspended that way, floating in these amazing sensations, enslaved by pleasure.

Individual volumes are listed below.

Casey’s Secrets

CaseysTrilogy_KindleShe could taste the sting.

Casey’s always had desires that set her apart, even from her best friend. The moment she turned eighteen she decided to take control of her life and explore those darker fantasies. Now that she’s a fresh high-school graduate, she’s looking forward to her first summer as an adult and having the freedom to finally take control of her life and find out what these cravings of hers really mean. But one slip and a missed curfew might screw up her entire summer.

Max has been Casey’s hero for years, ever since marrying Casey’s mother. His only flaw is how rigid he is about the rules as long as Casey still lives at home. After her little misstep, he won’t let her off lightly. She must choose between being grounded for the summer, or enduring a single spanking that will free her to enjoy her vacation.

Casey makes her choice, but neither she nor Max are prepared for the domino effect a few smacks to her backside will have, or the secrets that will be revealed as a result. Both of them have something to hide, but they might have more in common than they realized.

Casey’s Discovery

CaseysDiscovery_MEDYou are MY breakfast, Casey, and I want you hot and fresh.

Never before in her life has eighteen-year-old Casey wanted a man more than she wants Max. After a night of unbelievable discoveries, Casey is certain she would do anything to please Max, the one man she’s looked up to for most of her life. The fact that he’s married to her mother is the furthest thing from her mind.

In spite of her desire to please him, she can’t help but misbehave just a little, in the hope that Max will be provoked into repeating the sweet, stinging punishment she loved. But has she pushed him just a little too far, too soon? The morning’s discipline goes beyond a simple spanking, and reveals to Casey even deeper desires than the ones she’s only just begun to discover.

Casey’s Surrender

CaseysSurrender_MEDI wanted to remain suspended that way, floating in these amazing sensations, enslaved by pleasure.

Eighteen-year-old Casey’s wildest dreams have come true. Her former stepfather Max and his best friend Rick, the two sexiest older men in her life, both agree to give her guidance and help her explore her dark cravings for pain and bondage. But when Max betrays her and Rick refuses to touch her without Max’s permission, Casey despairs that she’ll ever have them both again.

Casey’s education into her new taboo lifestyle isn’t over yet, but her two favorite Doms might need a little educating of their own.

Blackmailing Benjamin (Full Trilogy)

BenjaminsTrilogy_KindleAll three books of the deliciously taboo trilogy in one volume!

Book 1: Blackmailing Benjamin
Getting even never felt so good.

Book 2: Betraying Benjamin
Loss is the worst betrayal of the heart.

Book 3: Belonging to Benjamin
Only love can bridge the chasm of heartbreak.

Blackmailing Benjamin

Blackmailing BenjaminGetting even never felt so good.

Kat was raised with Ben, who is one of the biggest jerks she’s ever known. She’s had to endure his ridicule for a decade, and to top it off, their parents seem to love him more. So when she catches him in a compromising position during a college frat party, she takes advantage of it, threatening to tell their parents his dirty little secrets in exchange for one tiny favor.

Ben gives in to Kat’s blackmail, but in the process, Kat finds herself in a situation she never expected she’d be in. She definitely didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. And she absolutely never expected to want more.

Betraying Benjamin

BetrayingBenjamin_MEDEven a year apart can feel like an eternity.

Kat has fallen for two amazing men, both of whom love her desperately in return. Their lives have been perfect for months, but fate, luck, and her scheming stepmother all threaten to tear their perfect trio apart.

Their world crumbling around them, the trio find comfort in each other’s arms. Will their love be strong enough to withstand the distance that circumstance forces between them?

Belonging to Benjamin

BelongingToBenjamin_MEDOnly Love Can Bridge the Chasm of Heartbreak

Ben’s spent the last year trying to overcome the heartbreak of abandonment by the two people he loves the most. He’s known and loved Kat for most of his life, ever since her father married his mother when they were twelve years old.

Andre’s been his lover since the two met each other in college. When circumstances and a vindictive mother threaten to tear their trio apart, Ben is heartbroken. He endures a year without Kat and Andre, hoping that when he can be with them again they won’t have moved on. When their reunion finally comes, will the two loves of his life still accept him?

Out of the Cold

intimate young couple during foreplay in showerJustine is running from ghosts. She leaves behind her old life, seeking a fresh start in a place where she hopes the ghosts won’t follow her. But they haunt her even worse in spite of the idyllic lodge she escapes to. In the middle of trying to shake her grief once and for all, she encounters a local hunter who might just be her redemption.

Jake has his own ghosts he can’t seem to shake, and finding love is the last thing on his mind. All he wants is to avoid getting stuck out in a blizzard. When he spies a beautiful—and apparently suicidal—woman at the lodge he retreats to, he’s too much of a hero to resist helping her. He sees something of his own hurt in her eyes, and when the power goes out, sparks fly between them.

Beautiful things can happen in the darkest places. What will happen when the lights come back on?

Burying His Desires

BuryingHisDesires-Scriptina_MED_ColorSome things fit together better after they’re broken.

A 3AM call is never good news, and for eighteen-year-old Britannia Vale, it’s the worst. The man who raised her is on the other end, relaying a tragedy that will tear her entire world apart.

In the midst of grief, Britannia and Michael struggle to pick up the pieces, but the old pieces don’t quite fit together they way they used to. She’s no longer the little girl Michael helped her mother raise. Michael is still her hero, but looks at her in a way that incites overwhelming desires for the only man who can keep her whole in the aftermath of her mother’s death. What’s worse is that she might be the only person who can keep him whole, too.

How far will Britannia and Michael go to put the pieces back together?

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