Recommended Reading Order

This is the ideal reading order for all of Ophelia Bell's books.

Dragon Series

Sleeping Dragons Series

    1. Sleeping Dragons Omnibus (All 6 stories below in one volume.)
    2. Animus
    3. Tabula Rasa
    4. Gemini
    5. Shadows
    6. Nexus
    7. Ascend

Rising Dragons Series

  1. Rising Dragons Omnibus (All 8 stories below in one volume.)
  2. Night Fire * (can be read either before or after Breath of Destiny, but should be read prior to Breath of Memory)
  3. Breath of Destiny  (can be read either before or after Night Fire)
  4. Breath of Memory
  5. Breath of Innocence
  6. Breath of Desire
  7. Breath of Love
  8. Breath of Flame & Shadow
  9. Breath of Fate
  10. Sisters of Flame (Not included in the Omnibus edition)

* “Night Fire” is currently listed as Rising Dragons Book 1, but it is technically a side-story, the events of which occur concurrent with the first two books of the series (no overlap). It can be read before the entire Rising Dragons “Breath of…” series or you could read it before Breath of Memory.

Standalone Novel

  1. Dragon’s Melody

Immortal Dragons Series

  1. Dragon Betrayed
  2. Dragon Blues
  3. Dragon Void
  4. Dragon Splendor
  5. Dragon Rebel
  6. Dragon Guardian
  7. Dragon Blessed (Coming early 2018)
  8. Dragon Equinox (Coming Spring 2018)
  9. Secret Dragon Epilogue (shhh)

Black Mountain Bears

  1. Stonetree Trilogy (Omnibus)
  2. Clawed
  3. Bitten
  4. Nailed
  5. Solstice (not for sale, only available in the Stonetree Trilogy)

The “Black Mountain Bears” series is a spinoff of Sleeping Dragons, with bear shifters that takes place in the same world as the dragons. It can be read at any time, but the events take place concurrent to the “Sleeping Dragons” series. There will be more crossover between the bears and the dragons in the coming “Immortal Dragons” series. If you’re wondering what happens after “Solstice” pick up “Dragon Splendor” to read Nicholas Stonetree’s story.

Aurora Champions (Paranormal Dating Agency Kindle World)

  1. Hot Wings
  2. Triple Talons
  3. The Way to a Bear’s Heart… (Coming July 2018)

Casey’s Secrets (Taboo)

  1. Casey’s Secrets (Full Trilogy)
  2. Casey’s Secrets – Book 1
  3. Casey’s Discovery – Book 2
  4. Casey’s Surrender – Book 3

Blackmailing Benjamin (Taboo)

  1. Blackmailing Benjamin (Full Trilogy)
  2. Blackmailing Benjamin – Book 1
  3. Betraying Benjamin – Book 2
  4. Belonging to Benjamin – Book 3


  1. After You
  2. Burying His Desires
  3. Out of the Cold

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