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Upcoming ARC:
Triple Talons (Christmas 2017)


If you’re interested in becoming an ARC reviewer for Ophelia Bell’s books, there are a few things you need to do:

  • The first step is subscribing to the Ophelia Bell mailing list using the form below.
  • The second step is finding Ophelia Bell’s Facebook page and liking it.
  • The third step is proving you’re a worthwhile reviewer who enjoys Ophelia’s books. If you haven’t reviewed one of her books yet, go do it now! (Start HERE). Read and review one of those books!
  • The fourth step is requesting to join the exclusive Facebook group for Ophelia Bell’s Dragon Beasties. Read the guidelines and make sure you understand them.
  • ARC offers will always be posted in the Dragon Beasties group, and will be announced in the Beasties newsletters, so remember to check your emails and check in with the group so you don’t miss these opportunities!
  • If Facebook really is not your thing, you can still get on the invitation list by filling out this form.
  • And if you prefer to avoid newsletters AND Facebook entirely, I also provide a limited number of ARCs of each new book to download and review via the Booksprout app. Install the app on your phone and be sure to follow me to get notifications when I have new releases, discounts, or ARCs.
  • And always feel free to email Ophelia if you have a question.
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