“Hot Wings” is going to be seriously HOT

For those of you curious about the next book coming, I have good and bad news:

  • The good news is that I’m almost finished with the book (“Hot Wings”) and the release date is SET. It’ll be coming June 1st.
  • The bad news is that this is not the sequel to “Dragon Splendor.” The next book in the Immortal Dragons series is slated to come sometime in July, most likely (or maybe August at the outside – I have no idea, really, since I haven’t even written it yet).

But there’s even MORE good news… “Hot Wings” is going to be just as steamy as anything you’ve read from me, so you won’t be disappointed (I hope). The story is a dragon shifter menage set in Milly Taiden’s upcoming “Paranormal Dating Agency” Kindle World, which is based on a fun and extremely hot series of shifter novellas that I recommend checking out (CLICK HERE if you’re curious).

Myself and several other amazing shifter romance authors are involved in this Kindle World launch, so there will be a ton of great new books to choose from to tide you over until I get “Dragon Rebel” finished. And who knows, if you guys love this new story and the premise, I might write more. Just fair warning, though – these dragon shifters are NOT the same as the Sleeping Dragons dragons. There’s no crossover between the worlds, but they are every bit as filled with sexytimes as my usual fare. Read on to find out more about this book, and stay tuned for a cover reveal to come within the next couple weeks!

“Hot Wings” Description

Pomona Maurin’s biggest dream is landing a coveted position as personal chef to the stars. She’s busted her ass and put her to-die-for recipes to the test, yet gained zero recognition for her efforts. That is, until shifter matchmaker, Gerri Wilder, discovers her culinary talents and knows just the “stars” who need Pomona’s skills the most.

Ignazio Karsten and Bryer Vargas are two of the most famous celebrities on the shifter home planet, Nova Aurora. The dragon shifter duo, known regionally as “Hot Wings,” are the reigning Nova Aurora Arena League champions for several seasons running. When a vindictive opponent breaks the rules and nearly kills Bryer during their championship fight, their streak might just be at an end—and so might their careers.

Only dedicated training and a strict diet will ensure Bryer’s return to health, and Ignazio’s recovery from a deep depression, but even that won’t guarantee the duo will make it back into the arena for the next season. They need a chef with the particular talents to fulfill their dietary needs and still satisfy their hungry dragons.

When they set eyes on Pomona, both men know there’s only one thing on the menu for them. Will they be able to convince their new chef that they want to share more than just her cooking?

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