Sleeping Dragons Omnibus

A love so primal it gets into your blood.



If Assana looked up the word “nymphomaniac” in the dictionary, she might expect to find her own image in place of the definition, especially after meeting the immortal red dragon, Gavra. The timing couldn’t be worse for her to discover the mate that Fate intended—the one she’d be willing to let go of her tightly bound hold on her deepest sexual desires for—the one who literally drives her mad with lust. Now that she needs her sanity more than anything to regain control of her race’s home from her own insane mother, she’s faced with the inconvenient desire to lose control and be that primal nymph she keeps locked inside.

Thank Gaia for Silas. The handsome young ursa male is blessed with magic that can calm the lust-filled madness threatening to consume Assana’s mind. She needs him more than ever now that she has no choice but to spend her days in close proximity to the dragon she desires more than anything… yet doesn’t dare touch lest she give in to that ancient, primal need all nymphaea are born with.

For red dragon Gavra, he can only put off having the beautiful nymph maiden for so long, or the ursa male who Fate has promised him. Once Assana’s crazy mother is out of the way, nothing will stop Gavra from claiming and marking them both as his.



I knew with the red dragon that this story would melt my e-reader and it did not disappoint!

Vanessa M.

Amazon Reviewer

When Immortal Dragons started, I’ll admit to thinking “Eh, I don’t care much, but we’ll see where it goes”. I care now, I really REALLY do! I am every bit as hooked, every bit as invested & Dragon Rebel just stoked the fire even more.

Therese T.

Amazon Reviewer

WOW ! Just WOW ! This book was just mind-blowing with all the (sexual) tension, packed with action and suspense, lots of plotting and intringue !

Koala Bookaholic

Amazon Reviewer



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