Sleeping Dragons Omnibus

Can you fight Fate?



These six immortal dragon shifters, known as the elusive “Dragon Council”, are the lawmakers of their kind, but they aren’t immune to Fate’s edicts any more than the rest of their race. Who can say which one made the biggest mistake, or has the darkest past? They all have heavy weights to carry, but when Fate sends them prophetic dreams of the mates they are meant for, they know better than to ignore the call.

This is the first half of the ongoing series following the six siblings as they search for their mates and fill the ancient ache for love. Grab them all in one go!

Books included in the collection:
Dragon Betrayed (Immortal Dragons Prequel)
Dragon Blues (Book 1)
Dragon Void (Book 2)
Dragon Splendor (Book 3)



Do you love dragons/shifters, then this is the perfect series for you, these immortal siblings are dark and relentless in their mission and things get mighty steamy when they find their mates. This series is totally captivating.


Amazon Reviewer, Immortal Dragons: The First Four

After reading every single book in both of Bell’s Sleeping Dragons and Rising Dragons Series, I was literally chomping at the bit for the release of her newest series, Immortal Dragons, and Bell did not disappoint!

Judy L.

Romance Reader, Dragon Blues

Every time Ophelia Bell announces the release of a new book I get excited! Every time I read a book by Ophelia BelI think: This is it. It can’t get better. And every time she releases a new book , she did it again, she topped the last one.


Amazon Reviewer, Dragon Splendor



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