Immortal Dragons Reboot

I will be the first to admit that I am bad at planning. In the writing world, I’m what you’d call a “pantser.” This means that I tend to just dive in to a story that grabs me and start writing without really considering what the PLOT should be....

To Be or to Do

I am at heart a thinker. You have to be, to be a writer. The “heart” part is the clue that I really am not just a thinker, though. I am a thinker who feels, profoundly. I cry during commercials and movie previews. Certain songs make me cry. I’m...

Van Diemen’s Land Part Eleven

Sooo, a friend shared this interesting article with me recently. It’s essentially a rundown of how one indie author found success. The gist is that he wrote a whole lot of books in a short timeframe, marketed them well, and made a killing, without ever landing a...

Don’t Make It Hurt

I have no idea what that means at the moment… I just woke up and saw a post it note – in my own handwriting – that said that. I admit I WAS drinking last night. And when that happens I have a whole LOT of profound ideas that I neglect to share with...

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