Excerpt from Dragon Splendor

Dragon Splendor is already available for pre-order on all retailers! If you want a taste of what’s in the book, read on… Aurum waited as still as possible, debating whether to leave and fly solo, or make herself known and go sit beside her sister. She...

Immortal Dragons Reboot

I will be the first to admit that I am bad at planning. In the writing world, I’m what you’d call a “pantser.” This means that I tend to just dive in to a story that grabs me and start writing without really considering what the PLOT should be....

Freebies and Recommended Reads 6/3

Recommended Reads Time Sensitive - Get them while they're still discounted! Falling for the Bear Monica Lewis has always been a single, wild, and free witch, totally in tune with her magic and unafraid of the erotic impulses it creates. But even she has some standards...

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