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Romance that couldn’t be hotter if it breathed fire.

Newest Release: Hot Wings

Two hungry dragon shifters meet the chef of their dreams. Can they convince her they want to share more than just her cooking?

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Dragon Splendor

Nobody said finding your fated mates would mean an instant happily ever after. For immortal gold dragon Aurum, finally meeting the pair of males who haunt her dreams is only the start of her problems.

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Dragon Blues

Belah knew the North Brothers’ sultry music for what it was: a mating call, and she had answered.

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Dragon Void

Fifty years of torture is a long time to wait for your one true love. But when the love of your life is an immortal dragon, the wait is worth it.

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Hey, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I’m just saying that maybe you should keep your partner– if you have one– hydrated and well-fed while you journey through this story. And if you don’t have a partner, it’d be a pretty good idea to stock up on batteries or get a wrist brace in advance. Just sayin’. Ms. Mel

Amazon Reviewer, Sleeping Dragons Omnibus

Wow, what a stunningly written story! It’s not often I have the pleasure of reading such a brilliantly constructed erotic fantasy and one that is sexy, raunchy and hormone charged. I encourage you to buy the full version, you won’t be sorry! Rebecca M.

Romance Reader, Sleeping Dragons Omnibus

I live in the deep south and my only comparison is walking outside in late summer into a humid 105 degree afternoon and suddenly having your entire body encompassed by a heat so intense, it makes your heart pound and your skin tingle with a feeling so overwhelming, you become dizzy with the effort to just breathe. That’s exactly how this book made me feel. Judy L.

Romance Reader, Dragon's Melody

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